Toilet Master Toilet Bolts

Toilet Master Toilet Bolts

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This tool-free bolt and cap system is a simple solution to easily install a toilet to the floor flange. Designed to be installed without any tools, this system allows any user to quickly put a toilet into place, and tighten or remove the bolts by hand. The bolts can be re-used again and again.

• Cap is the fastener and holds toilet in place
• High-impact plastic that will not break under normal use
• No rust, no corrosion
• No breaking flanges from over tightening
• Package contains 2 White Caps, 2 Rubber Washers, 2 High-Impact Plastic Bolts
• Bolt measures 2" L x 5/16" Diameter
• Cap measures 1-5/16" H x 1-1/4" Diameter