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Large Selection of National and Regional Contracts

We proudly maintain a large selection of national contracts with Government and Educational Purchasing Cooperatives on the Federal, State, and Local levels.

These contracts entitle users to our value-added services at no additional charge, which includes inventory management solutions, customizable kit box assortments, and product research to identify fixtures and hard-to-find or obsolete repair parts.

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AEPA Purchasing Cooperative - #023A-MRO

Provides locally awarded national bids from over 36 vendors to school facilities.

State of Alabama - #MA-T700

Available to buyers eligible to use state contract.

State of Arizona - #CTR047670

MRO Supplies: Industrial, Building, Plumbing, Electrical, & HVAC Materials. Available to State and Local Entities in the State of Arizona.

BuyBoard Purchasing Cooperative - #657-21

Offers Buy Board members, such as: cities, counties, nonprofits, & school districts the power to find vendors and purchase from them.

Choice partners Purchasing Cooperative - #22/027MR-04

Provides contract solutions for Choice Partners members, such as: educational facilities, government entities, as well as nonprofits.

State of Delaware - #GSS20129A-PLUMB_SUP

Available to buyers eligible to use state contracts in Delaware.

CMAS State of California - #4-10-56-0035A

Available to any California state or local government institution, including educational facilities.

12322 MRSP-Plumbing

Available to participating New Jersey School Districts.

Federal GSA Contract - #GS-07F-6032P

Established to provide quality centralized procurement to the federal government.

HPS Purchasing Cooperative - 97

Negotiated discounts available for HPS members, such as: health,educational & senior living facilities as well as camps & county governments.

State of Kansas - #52822

Plumbing Supplies State-wide. Available to Political subdivision within the State of Kansas.

Massachusetts Higher Education Consortium - #G-19

Provides contracts to MHEC members, including many of the higher educational facilities in New England.

State of Minnesota - #182379 Plumbing Valves, Fittings and Pipes

Available to State Agencies throughout the State of MN and extended to Cooperative Purchasing Venture members (CPV).

Missouri Department of Corrections - #CC220898001

Available to Department of Natural Resources, various State Parks, Sites throughout the State of Missouri, Missouri Department of corrections, and various Correctional Facilities throughout the State of Missouri.

State of New Mexico -

Available to State of New Mexico Agencies, commissions, institutions, political subdivisions, and local public bodies.

State of Pennsylvania - #440027549

Available to buyers eligible to use state contracts in PA.

Our sales representatives and customer service teams are standing by ready to provide support.

If you are registering on our website, please make sure to provide your contact information on our registration form.

When registering as a contracted buyer, please reference your contract when creating your account.

For more information about our contract opportunities please reach out to contracts department here:

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