18 x 8 Inch Shelf and Clothes Hook

18 x 8 Inch Shelf and Clothes Hook

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  • Bookshelf with four (4) Security Safety Clothes Hooks for surface mounting shall be fabricated of type 304 stainless steel alloy 18-8. 
  • Back plate and bookshelf shall be 14 gauge. Clothes hooks shall be solid bar 3/8" diameter (Ø10) of one-piece construction with 1" diameter (Ø25) swivel trip-ball.
  • Safety hook shall snap down when load exceeds 35 lb (16 kg) limit.
  • Trip-ball socket housing shall prevent hook from being set in vertical-up position.
  • All exposed surfaces except shelf interior shall have satin finish. 
  • Interior of shelf shall have sandblasted finish. 
  • All seams shall be welded and ground smooth. 
  • The unit is provided with six (6) clear mounting holes that shall accept (supplied) 1/4"-20 or (M6) stainless steel pin-Torx® button head machine screws.
  • Front Mount
  • NGSA

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