Hi-Pressure Fan Coil Valve Actuator

Hi-Pressure Fan Coil Valve Actuator

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Fan Coil Valve Actuator

120 VAC 60 Hz, 6 W Driving, 45D, Stainless Steel, SPST, Spring Return, 2-Position, Fan Coil Valve Actuator
Compact Construction for Easy Installation; Fits Under the Cover of Most Baseboard Convectors with Actuator Fitted to Valve Body; 1-Button, Quick Release, Secure 3-Point, Metal Latch to Valve Body; Spring Return Operation; Stainless Steel Case and Aluminum Cover, Rustproof Nickel-Plated Motor; Line or Low Voltage, Rust Resistant Motor; Manual Opener for Installation and Valve Operation on Power Failure; Valve Return to Automatic Position When Power is Restored; Actuator May be Reinstalled or Serviced without Draining the System or Disassembling the Valve; Slotted Conduit Hole for Faster Wiring
The humidity resistant, Fan Coil Valve Actuators are used in conjunction with VU52, VU53 and VU54 valves for controlling the flow of hot or chilled water in commercial HVAC equipment such as fan coil units, terminal reheat coils and convectors.
Excludes Internal Auxiliary Switch; Fail Safe Mode Spring Return

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