16-5/16 X 32 BEAMSAW

16-5/16 X 32 BEAMSAW

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16-5/16 X 32 Tooth General Purpose Saw Blade

Diablo's D1632X is ideal for cutting oak, pine, plywood, pressure treated lumber, Wood Composites, and beams. Diablo's 16 5/16"x32t ATB general purpose saw blade for large capacity Beam Saws. Ideal for timber framing such as laminated veneer lumber, glued timber (glulams),and Paralams.

  • TiCo™ Hi-Density carbide specifically designed for each application to increase performance
  • Perma-SHIELD® Non-stick Coating protects from heat, gumming, & corrosion
  • Super thin laser cut kerf for fast, durable, and clean cuts
  • Tri-metal shock resistant brazing allows carbide tips to withstand extreme impact for maximum durability
  • Hardened Steel Body – warrants a longer life and sharper cutting edge.


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