1/2 Rapid Repair Clamp

1/2 Rapid Repair Clamp

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The Kibosh Rapid Pipe Repair Clamp is an instant and simple to use solution for Copper, PEX, PB, and Multilayer Water Pipes. It is re-useable, can withstand 150 PSI and can even accommodate some leaking pipe fittings. Once fitted, the pipe will continue to function under normal pressures and temperatures until a permanent repair can be made.

  • Excellent water saving and damage limitation device
  • Can be fitted when the leak is still in full flow
  • Once fitted, the pipe can continue to function normally — hot or cold!
  • Can be fitted in tight spaces to clipped pipes and in the notch of a joint
  • Can also be used to repair a frost damaged, or burst pipe
  • Made from non-toxic materials
  • Pressure/Temp Rating: 185 F @ 90 PSI, 70 F @ 145 PSI
  • Keep device open and in packaging when not in use.


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