1 Shot Steel Stud Anchor (PK/4)

1 Shot Steel Stud Anchor (PK/4)

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1Shot Steel Stud Anchors are designed to mount heavy items directly to the 25-gauge steel studs in the walls commonly used in today's steel framed homes, offices, and apartments. This uniquely designed product makes screwing into steel stud a simple three step process. Just find the center of the stud, drill a small pilot hole, and install the 1Shot. These anchors deliver reliable mounts on steel stud structures, eliminated the need for solid backing behind the drywall.  


  • Provides serious grip and holding power
  • Non-Linear thread progression
  • Concave fastener profile
  • Anchor Diameter: 3/8"
  • Anchor Material: Zinc (ZAMAK 3)

Installation Specifics:

  • Drywall/Steel Stud: 1/4" Drill Bit 
  • Millwork/Drywall/Steel Stud: 15/64" w/ Countersink 12" Drill Bit
  • Optional internal screw: No. 8 Max Depth 1" Drill Bit
  • Driver: Phillips No. 3



1SHOT™ Steel Stud Anchor from 1SHOT™ on Vimeo.


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