Original Crocodile Cloth 100 Pack

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Original Crocodile Cloth 100 Pack

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These disposable cleaning cloths are made to handle industrial-size messes. They are made of low-lint, non-woven, highly absorbent materials that pick up and hold onto dirt, grease, and grime like a microfiber cloth all while being gentle on skin.


  • Highly absorbent material holds onto mess
  • Safe to use on most surfaces
  • 15” x 10” wipes (100/PK)

Cleans Up:
Grease | Paint | Silicone | Uncured Expanding Foam | Adhesives | Ink | Dust | Tar | Dried Food Coffee/Soda/Wine | Spills | Graphite | Permanent Marker | Gasoline/Diesel Residue | Un-cured Plumbing Cement/Primer/Solvent

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