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Knipex offers the highest quality pliers and tools. They use state-of-the-art technology to meet the highest standards. No matter the job or weather, Knipex has the quality professional tools you need that comes with a lifetime warranty.

New Products

  • The only push-button slip-joint on the market
  •  Unique front gripping area grips stripped screws
  • 2-zone gripping jaw with opposing alignment of teeth allows to grip from the side

108878" TwinGrip Slip Joint - Multi Component
998516908" TwinGrip Slip Joint - Plastic Dipped

Forged Wire Stripper
Forged Wire Stripper
  • Cuts 6-32 and 8-32 screws
    without threading
  • Strips 10 to 20 AWG – both solid and stranded
  • Bolted joint for precise and smooth cutting

998666028" with Standard Grip
998666038" with Cushion Grip

Pipe Cutters
Pipe Cutters
  • Cut composite pies from 1/2" to 1" in diameter
  • With opening spring and locking device
  • Blade made of high-strength special grade steel, oil-hardened and tempered

998666057 1/4" - 3/4" Capacity
998666067 1/4" - 1" Capacity

TubiX Pipe Cutter

TubiX Pipe Cutter
  • QuickLock singlehanded quick adjustment enables the cutting wheel to slide to any pipe diameter with a single press of the thumb
  • Cuts copper, brass, and high-grade steel pipes with diameters from 1/4" to 1 3/8"
  • Cutting wheel made of high-grade ball-bearing steel
  • Spare cutting wheel stored in the handle for quick replacement
  • Precision ground deburring tool slides out of the way when not in use

    StepCut Cable Shears
    StepCut Cable Shears
    • The cutting edge gradations cut wires one after the other making cutting 40% easier than with standard cable shears of the same length
    • Cuts multi-core stranded copper and aluminum cables up to 1/0 AWG
    • Cuts without crushing
    • Bolted joint provides precise and smooth cutting
    • Induction hardened cutting edges; approx. 56 HRC

    Cobra Water Pump Pliers

    Cobra WAter Pump Pliers
    • Self-Locking on pipes and nuts means no slipping off the workpiece
    • Patented push-button mechanism means adjust once and it stays
    • Fine-adjustment provides an optimum adjustment to different size workpieces
    • Thin head fits into tight spaces
    4"- 22" sizes available

    Alligator Water Pump Pliers

    Untitled design
    • Self-gripping jaw design won't slip
    • Fine-adjustment means an optimum adjustment to different size workpieces
    • Box-joint design provides directional stability

    7 1/4"- 16" sizes available

    Swedish Pipe Wrenches

    Swedish Pipe Wrenches
    • Swedish pattern design is fast and easy to adjust
    • I-Beam handle style provides more strength and operating stability than a traditional pipe wrench style
    • Offset multi-directional jaw teeth provide an excellent grip
    13"- 26 1/4" sizes available

    Pliers Wrench

    Pliers Wrench
    • Excellent for gripping, holding, pressing and bending
    • Parallel, smooth jaws will not damage or mar the surface of the workpiece

    5"- 16" sizes available

    High Leverage Combination and Lineman's Pliers

    High Leverate Lineman Pliers
    • Knurled jaws and pope grip for a tremendous hold
    • Perfect head size for rounding out conduit
    • Firm joint, heat-treated rivet for smooth operation right out off the package and long life

    7 1/4"- 9 1/2" sizes available

    High Leverage Diagonal Cutters

    High Leverage Diagonal Pliers
    • High cutting performance with minimum effort due to optimum coordination of the cutting edge angel, transmission ratio and ergonomic handle shape
    • TwinForce features a patented dual-hinge design for more powerful cutting, this 7 1/4" tool gives you as much cutting power as a 10" diagonal cutter
    5 1/2"- 10" sizes available

    CoBolt Compact Bolt Cutters and Large Bolt Cutters

    CoBolt Compact Bolt Cutters
    • Precision-matched, induction-hardened edges cut hard wire, steel rods, fencing and bolts
    • The cutting edge angle, transmission ratio and ergonomic handle shape provide a high cutting performance with minimum effort
    6 1/4"- 10" sizes available
    Shop All Compact Bolt Cutters

    18 1/4"- 35 3/4" sizes available

    Long Nose Pliers and Needle-Nose Pliers

    Long Nose Pliers
    • Elastic precision tips will not deform or bend and spring back into place
    • Serrated jaws provide a strong grip
    • Half-round, tapered jaws provide a long, thin and deep reach

    6"- 11" sizes available

    4-in-1 Electrician's Pliers and Electrical Installation Pliers

    4-in-1 Electrician Pliers
    • For gripping, bending, cutting and crimping
    • With precision stripping holes
    6 1/4" size available

    8" size available
    Shop All Installation Pliers

    Gripping Pliers

    Gripping Pliers
    • Heavy-duty pliers with adjustment screw and release lever
    • High clamping pressure due to toggle action lever for a more secure grip
    • Unique bottom jaw pivots automatically to adjust to whatever you are gripping
    8"- 11" sizes available

    Specialty Pliers

    Specialty Cobra
    Specialty Cobra 10 Raptor Pliers
    • Raptor Pliers have a unique jaw shape excellent for gripping objects in tight or confining spaces and is great for use on rusty or rounded-off nuts and bolts
    • Cobra ES Pliers have long, slim and narrow jaws, grips flat workpieces and is ideal for service and maintenanc
    • Cobra Auto Adjust Pliers automatically adjusts to workpieces and is ideal for frequent changeovers of different sized and shaped materials
    1081910" Raptor Pliers
    9915400510" Cobra ES Pliers
    9945224910" Cobra Auto Adjust

    Pipe and Connector Pliers
    10 Pipe and Connector Pliers
    • Ideal tool for cannon plugs in aviation and electrical connections in high performance automotive, truck and trailer applications
    • The replaceable soft jaws prevent metal from being transferred onto the workpiece which prevents corrosion
    • Push-button adjustment and non-slip grip handles with pinch guard

    9915398210" Pipe & Connector Pliers
    9981535010" Pipe & Connector Pliers w/ Soft Jaws

    Hog Ring Pliers
    Hog Ring Pliers
    • For the professional replacement of automotive upholstery to the seat frame, compatible with all popular upholstery rings or hog rings
    • Recessed grooves located in the jaws securely hold the hog rings in the proper position before they are crimped
    • Closing spring holds the pliers closed which allows for the ring to be securely positioned before being compressed
    991540107 1/4" Hog Ring Pliers