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The patented Kibosh rapid pipe repair clamp is an instant and simple way to repair the leaky metal, plastic, and multilayer pipes. The Kibosh fast freeze clamp delivers a faster, simpler, and more efficient freeze than standard freeze kits. Whether you are repairing or providing maintenance, Kibosh pipe clamps are the way to go.




Pipes leak and burst for many reasons, whether is be freezing in winter, accidental perforation, poor fittings, etc.

Kibosh Rapid Pipe Repair Clamps are simple and quick to use and can stop leaks immediately so that you stop any water damage, get the situation under control, and arrange to get the pipe fixed permanently. These systems are fully reusable.

  • Withstands pressure of 150 PSI
  • Works perfectly in hot and cold conditions
  • Fits tight spaces and joist notches
  • Suits metal, plastic, and multilayer pipes

Kibosh Rapid Repair Clamp

#61641 - 1/2" Rapid Pipe Repair Clamp
#61644 - 3/4" Rapid Pipe Repair Clamp

How It Works

1. Open the Kibosh Rapid Repair Clamp and fit it around the pipe, even over fittings.

How To - Pipe Repair - Step 1

2. Close the clamp using the handle to snap it shut on metal. plastic and multi-layer pipes.

How to - Pipe Repair Step 2




Pipe freezing can be frustrating, expensive, or both with variable success. 

The Kibosh FASTFREEZE clamps deliver faster, simpler, and more efficient freeze than standard freeze kits. The freeze gas gets injected into this sealed cavity containing contact foam, resulting in a very focused freeze. This system uses less gas than other methods and takes less time. These systems are fully reusable.

  • Can achieve a temperature of -22°F
  • Works on copper, steel, plastic, iron (plastic pipe require at least 50% more freeze spray)
  • Clamps are compatible with most freezing sprays
  • Works in tight spaces
#61690 - FASTFREEZE Spray 10oz
#61691 - FASTFREEZE 1/2" Clamp
#61692 - FASTFREEZE 3/4" Clamp

How It Works:

Kibosh Fast Freeze Step 11. Open the clamp and fit it around the pipe, making sure the inlet hole is below the vent hole.
Kibosh Fast Freeze Step 22. Insert the straw into the inlet hole and gently spray the freeze gas into the clamp. Make sure not to use full bursts!

Kibosh Fast Freeze Step 3

3. Once the pipe is sufficiently frozen, repairs can be made.


Freezing Guide

For the FASTFREEZE pipe freezing system

Pipe Size Freeze Spray Required Ice Plug Formation Ice Plug Life
1/2" Copper/Steel 3oz 3-5 Mins 20 Mins
3/4" Copper/Steel 5oz 5-6 Mins 25 Mins
.2 .2