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Don't get caught unprepared!

Sever weather and plumbing leaks can cause flooding at any time. Flood Avert products are an effective alternative to bulky, time consuming sandbags. Just add water, and the compact, easy to store, FloodBags expand to the same size and weight for standard sandbags. No shoveling or hauling needed.

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The specialized cover of the FloodBags lets water in easily while internal super absorbent polymer (SAP) absorbs and holds water to inflate the individual bags from 5 pounds or less to over 40 pounds in a few minutes.

FloodScreenTM is an impervious membrane designed to work with FloodBags to protect wider openings such as doorways. It has self-adhering peel off tape at the top to aid deployment and make the system easy and fast to use.

Flood Avert Utility Box

An assortment of bag sizes are included to use in combination with a FloodScreen to protect small or large areas.

- Includes 3 DefenderBags, 2 BoomBags, 1 FloodScreen.

- Equivalency of 9 sandbags.

    Flood Avert BoomBag Kit

    BoomBags are designed to stretch the length of a larger doorway with each of the 3 sections sized to match that of a standard sandbag.

    - Includes 3 BoomBags

    - Equivalency of 9 sandbags.

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      Flood Avert DefenderBag Kit

      For general flood protection. Double your efforts when using FloodScreen in conjuction with these DefenderBags.

      - Includes 14 DefenderBags

      - Equivalency of 14 sandbags.

        Flood Avert Flexibag Kit

        Specialized linear bags ideal for redirecting flowing low-level water away from your property. 1 tube provides 9 feet of diversion.

        - Includes 2 Diverter Flexibags

        - Perfect for entrances and exits

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